Pitesti Master Class, 2011

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Pitesti Master Class 2011  INITIAL DEPOSIT, $300.00

Pitesti Master Class 2011  FINAL PAYMENT AFTER DEPOSIT, $1025.00

Pitesti Master Class 2011  PAY ENTIRE TUITION & FEE IN FULL, $1325.00

Deposits will be refunded only if the withdrawing participant's place is filled by another participant.

Participants whose deposits are not received by 31 May, 2011, or whose final payments are not received by 10 June, 2011, forfeit their place at the Master Class unless you have previously made arrangements in writing or by email with ICM.

Payments will be processed by PayPal, and will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL*ICM INC."  After processing your payment, you will receive confirmation via email, along with follow-up instructions.

For problems with payments, please contact us immediately.

Deposits for Accepted Applicants Due
31 May, 2011

Final Payments Due
10 June, 2011