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Our Mission

"Striving to provide educational opportunities to conducting students worldwide."

ICM was formed in 2008 to build relationships between individuals seeking instruction in conducting, and opportunities in the international community.

After studying under a Fulbright grant in Bucharest, Romania in 2004, founder and American conductor Steven Huang realized a profound need for students of conducting to experience other schools and philosophies of the profession, as well as different orchestral environments.  Beginning that year, master classes were organized and held in Eastern Europe and the United States, where aspiring conductors from around the world could learn innovative and effective conducting techniques and styles.  Its first master classes took place in Bucharest, Romania, attracting students from Europe, Asia, and North America, under principal teacher Dumitru Goia.

ICM hopes to increase participation in master classes through the development of scholarship programs, in order to expose a wider variety of students to the evolving and complex art of conducting.  If you are interested in helping us develop the funds to start such a scholarship, please send us an email or call us.  Contact information can be found here.